A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is what would happen if tron and snake got thrown into a blender! It's quite a fun game. If you think it was not as good as harden 3 it is because harden 3 had a dev schedule of ≈6 months while this game hade a dev schedule of 9-10 days so don't expect the best! With that said i hope you will enjoy it! :)

The full version contains online multiplayer compared to the lite version.


If you want to play multiplayer peer to peer you do like this(if you play lan) one player creates a server by pressing d in the meny then entering the number 2 and pressing enter then the other player connects to the server by pressing d att the meny and then enter the number 1 then they enter the servers IPV4 address and then entering the port 5604. You will have to portforward the port 5604 if you wish to play between networks.

We do not have official servers if you would like to host them please contact me att mingamesstudios@gmail.com. For now you will have to use the peer to peer multiplayer witch is the easiest to setup.

Install instructions

1. Put the zip file on your desktop.

2. Extract the zip file to your desktop.

3. Double click skiller.jar

PS. Make sure you have java installed!


Lite version.zip 63 kB
Full Version.zip 59 kB